Penis enlargement

As you would probably guess, there are many products available in the market that are believed to make a man’s penis longer, wider and bigger. Some of this product can be risky. As per now many companies are on the look to make a quick interest on the men who want to enhance their sexual performance while in real sense the size to be attained is overrated. Pills are not the appropriate way to address the unsatisfying male penis size. You should know the following truths of the penis enlargement products;

Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better

The size of your penis is an overrated and outdated way to gauge your sexual abilities. According to credible surveys asking what really matters to sexual partners; it is hardness that tops the list, and not the size. It is important to have in mind that the average size of the penis is about 3 to 5 inches in length when not hard and 5 to 7 when it is.

For men who cannot help wanting to know how to get a bigger penis, there is one recommended and proven option that is cheap, healthy and safe: Do away with some weight. When men have more belly fat, this can retract their penises into the abdomen, therefore, making it seem shorter. The primary rule is for each 30 pounds of extra fat a man has, that additional padding dims one inch of the penis.

Penis enlargement

Penis Enlargement Pills Can Be Dangerous

Supplements are indeed an attractive solution to one’s sexual woes as they are easily available, boast all-natural ingredients and are generally affordable. The bad thing is that supplements, (whether herbal or not) are largely unregulated despite the efforts of world top health organizations such as WHO and FDA.

The over-the-counter pills for sexual health or erectile problems have some of the most Food Drugs Administration of any category, due to the fact that they contain un-highlighted ingredients. A survey conducted by the FDA back in 2009, found that one-fourth of pills that claimed to enhance sexual function had undisclosed prescription drug compounds or similar ingredients, or the likelihood of a serious health hazard.

There exits some supplements out there that may have promises of sexual function benefits. However, more research is required, but so far only propionyl L-carnitine, Panax ginseng, L-arginine, have shown awesome results in studies, even though each one is believed to posses its own share of possible downsides that men need to consider. Citrulline has also been shown to have the potential of increasing erection hardness by almost half and that’s why more men are looking for it each passing day.

If you are planning on using supplement to enlarge your penis, you should be very careful. Tips include carrying out your own research, consulting with your doctor, talking with your pharmacist, searching for quality control certification (like the ones from the NSF, Natural Products Association and US Pharmacopeial Convention and purchasing only what you require. You want to buy a supplement that has effective and active ingredients in there by itself, and not fancy extras. It might be tempting to get that included vitamin D, nonetheless, the more ingredients a supplement has, the greater the risks of toxicity.

Better Erection, Healthy Heart

As far as matters of the penis are concerned, the analogy that men are just like coffee stirrers carries the day. This is derived from the fact that the arteries that supply blood to the penis are approximately the size of coffee stirrers. As such, if develop a poor cardiovascular health, the penis is as well likely to suffer. The most important thing that will greatly help enlarge your penis is to use as zero supplements as possible. This will also help reduce the likelihood of developing a heart disease. A natural, simple, cheap pill that makes your penis harder and bigger is without doubt an amazing idea, but the ideal option for advanced sexual performance still remains talking with your doctor and staying in shape.

No matter how good and physically energetic a man may be, most women would find him somewhat unsatisfying in bed. That clearly explains the reason as to why more and more supplement manufactures are increasingly coming up with new ideas that will help solve penis-length issues fast. The important thing to have in mind is that some of these supplements won’t offer any miracle results as they claim. That’s the truth!